What type of chemical engineering jobs are available in Pakistan?

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Can someone tell me that what type of chemical engineering jobs are available in Pakistan? Please someone help me for this?

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    Although the areas in which a chemical engineer can specialize vary, the job generally consists of applying the principles of chemistry to solve problems relating to the production or use of chemicals and, in some cases, biochemicals. There are many industries in which a chemical engineer may work, and one of the most prominent ones is the production of both traditional energy forms, like oil and gas, and alternative forms of energy. Some chemical engineers specialize in the manufacturing of certain chemical products, others supervise and still others in producing energy, but both fields may be applicable to the alternative energy industry. More and more chemical engineers are entering fields in which new technology is being used. Fuel cells and hydrogen power are excellent examples where chemical engineering knowledge proves essential to figuring out how to turn raw materials into usable products. Chemical engineers working in the natural energy field - also known as process engineers - are responsible for the effective and efficient transformation of raw materials or chemicals into useful products, such as solar panels or safely manufacturing ethanol or methane. Most chemical engineers work in laboratories and may be employed by the government or independent companies.

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