What to sell on eBay

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Is there any restriction on eBay on selling? I want to sell my horse can I sell on eBay.

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  1. Angelina

     maybenow will be joyous to give recommendations on pieces that manage deal on eBay. Please recall, that millions of persons gaze on eBay every day, for millions of distinct pieces, although not the identical million gaze each and every day. What may deal one week, may not deal the next. It is just an issue of time, and of course worth, rarity, status, and price.
    What does sell well on eBay?
    • Antiques & Primitives
    • Art, Lithographs, Painting, Sculpture
    • Antique Books & Printed Material
    • Cameras, Computers & Electronics (some)
    • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (designer only)
    • Rare Coins & Stamps (if appraised)
    • Furniture (Antique and Unique if shippable)
    • Jewelry & Watches (vintage and vintage costume)
    • Media Collections (CDs, DVDs)
    • Military Collectibles, WWII, WWI, and Civil War
    • Movie Memorabilia prior to 1980
    • Musical Instruments in good condition
    • Music Memorabilia, concert items, autographs.
    • Outdoor / Outerwear (Carhartt, Filson, etc.)
    • Vintage paper, magazines, maps, newsprints, tickets, etc.
    • Regional items (States, Cities, Memorials)
    • Sports Equipment (original values over $200)
    • Sports Memorabilia prior to 1975
    • Television Memorabilia prior to 1975
    • Tin Toys, 1940-1950 Japan, USA
    • Tobacco Collectibles, Lighters, Pipes, Memorabilia.
    • Toys, Games, Dolls, & Bears (Vintage and Antique Only)
    • Vehicles, Parts, & Accessories (Collectible & Hot Rod)
    • Pins, Pinbacks, Buttons, Political etc. (Vintage & Antique)
    • Vintage items (1930's - 1970's)
    • Medical Memorabilia, Medical Hoax
    • Dolls, Barbie, etc. prior to 1970
    • Depression glass (some)
    • Vaseline Glass (some)
    • Carnival Glass (some)
    • China, Dinnerware, Porcelain, Bone China, up to 1970

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