How to know more about film world?

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Phil, thanks for the great answer. I live in Chattanooga, TN and I am budgeting about 10k for this. I dont want to spend all my money on an introductory film. I had a documentary in mind, but, I was open to doing other projects if the right script came along. I am glad you confirmed that first films are not moneymakers, that was my suspicion. I guess the best avenue to promote it is to enter into film festivals. Correct? What do you read or watch to keep up with the film/video world? Thanks for your time.
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Many years ago I found a passion in film and theatre and perfroming arts. 60;Like most others I couldnt make a living at it from the perfromance or tech side. I have resolved that Im not pro enough for acting or directing. However, I now have the money to underwrite a small project and Id love to produce a short film and get it to film festivals. Where do you recommend that I begin looking to find a script, director, actors, cinematographer, etc.

Thanks for writing. I wouldnt share this with too many people - youll be inundated with calls from every wannabe looking to take your money for their epic film.

First, let me ask a couple of questions. In what state/city do you live? If youre in Los Angeles, its fairly easy to find potential projects. If youre out of state, its a bit more of a challenge.

Second, when you say you have money to invest in a film, are you talking about something like 10k or is it more in the realm of 100k? The reason I ask is that a film can be made for almost any price. It just depends upon what those involved expect to see on screen at the end of the day. Meaning, if you expect big stars, your film costs a lot more. If you plan to shoot on DV Cam, then it can cost a lot less. So, think about what your own personal parameters are with respect to the kind of project in which you wish to be involved.

For example, I have just begun meeting with a director/writer and a 2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator about a short film that the 2nd Unit guy wants to make. He has 50k that he is willing to invest because he wants to use it as a calling card for his career. Ive matched him up with the director/writer I know and the three of us are starting to toss around ideas for a potential short. With what the 2nd unit guy hopes to achieve, 50k may be a little light, but that is why we need to talk about the story, the characters, the stunts, and what is truly feasible for that kind of money.

I encourage you to begin thinking of your own ideas or project parameters so you know what you are willing to do and what you are willing to invest. Remember that most short films dont make money - they are generally used as calling cards or showcases to get the filmmakers their next bigger project in which they CAN make money.

Hope this helps. BTW, if you are interested in investing in our project, we can certainly talk about it.

Good luck!


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  1. John

    Don, Thanks for the clarification. With only 10k, you're pretty limited with what you can do. Even a documentary has the potential of costing more than that. But you're right, once you have a completed film, the best exposure is in film festivals. As far as keeping up with the business, the daily trade papers are Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, both available online.
    To meet new, young filmmakers, try visiting some of the better film festivals in the country. For example, The Sundance Film Festival happens at the end of this month in Utah. Others to consider are The Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, Toronto Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, The Slamdance Film Festival. Check out for details on the many festivals around the country. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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