What to do if someone become disabled in United Kingdom?

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What to do if someone become disabled in United Kingdom?

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    You have rights if you become disabled to protect you from discrimination. You also might be entitled to certain benefits. The main disability and sickness benefits are: Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment Attendance Allowance Employment and Support Allowance What you’re entitled to depends on your circumstances - use the benefits adviser tool to see what you might be able to get. To get any benefits you’re entitled to, you need to register as a disabled person - there’s more information about this on the NHS Choices website. You might also be able to get: . certain types of equipment or have adaptations made to your home without paying VAT . Council Tax discounts . a TV licence discount . a free vehicle tax disc If you’re in England you can get a health and social care assessment to find out what help you can get (eg equipment, home care, day centres) from your local council.

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