What makes Catherine Zeta Jones a successful star?

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I am collecting information about famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. All I want to know is about her professional and personal life, her famous movies, and miles stone in her professional life. Help me out and let me know if you have something to share.

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  1. John

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is a world famous Hollywood star with a charismatic personality and an outstanding film career. She has worked in various hits. Catherine has won the Golden Globe Award for the best supporting actress for the movie “Traffic”. It was a big achievement in her life. No doubt she came into the lime light of the cine world when her movie “the Mask of Zorro” proved to be a big hit.

    Her successful career started back in 1990’s Less 1001 Nuits. The Darling Buds of May, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, Splitting Heirs, the Phantom, the Mask of Zorro, Entrapment, the Haunting, Chicago, the Legend of Zorro, Playing the Field, and Rock of Ages are Catherine’s famous flicks.

    Like here professional life, she is also a successful housewife and a mother. Her marriage with Michal Douglas is a success story. The only thing which justifies her persona is her loyalty with her family and commitment with her professional career. These two elements are the major elements of here unique personality. Catherine and Micheal met in year 1998 in Deauville film festival. The happy couple started dating in the year 1999 and finally tied their node in the year 2000. Overall, her unique relationship with her husband and profession makes her a successful Hollywood star.


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