What load banks are to generators

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What load banks are to generators

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     Each Fuguang diesel generator product has a complete product operations manual with the most discrete and specific information, for upkeep and routine maintenance. The exclusive product ID and Generator Sets series number contain the machine’s complete information. Through Fuguang’s online parts solution platform, the Spare Parts Division is able to provide our customers with ample parts and extended product line solutions in the most efficient manner.

    Load Banks are a cost effective way of keeping things running.The necessity and dependence on power at mining sites, oil and gas refining, in hospitals, transport and many other essential services has meant a rapid growth of back up generators and UPS systems for back up power.The increase of computers and telecommunications equipment demands faultless performance in the event of power down conditions. This can only be fully achieved by resistive load testing the stand by systems on installation and at regular intervals.The life and efficiency of diesel generators can be greatly reduced when running under-loaded, causing damage to the engine, fouling of valves and exhaust ports. Also causing extensive cylinder bore glazing to a point where engines could stall or completely fail to start when they are needed the most - during a mains power failure.Only resistive load banks can guarantee the ultimate operating conditions and efficiencies of stand by generators. Load banks have an important role in the maintenance of stand by power generation equipment.

    The importance and necessity to test batteries and UPS systems can only be achieved with resistive load banks. Batteries quite often require a full discharge test to monitor cell condition.Auxiliary equipment such as resistive load banks ensure regular and reliable load testing can be performed without interruption to mains power supply and leaving you confident that your emergency power system will function during any mains power failure.

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