What kind of travel packages are offered by Cathay Pacific Holidays?

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I heard that Cathay Pacific offers special holiday travel packages, can you tell me about these packages of Cathay Pacific.

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  1. johnmatt

    I never heard about the Cathay Pacific but yes i had a great and amazing experiance with travelguru.They made my trip memorable and awesome.just love it.The service they are proving is too good.

  2. Airlines Expert
    Cathay Pacific Holidays currently offer holiday packages in three main series: "Fun & Games" -- City Chic, Nature & Adventure, Ski Frenzy Holidays, Sun & Beach, Ultimate Golf "Love & Friendship" -- Fly Drive, Romantic Hideaways "Culture & Desire" -- Cultural Treasures, Pure Pamper – Spa & Onsen There are Year Round Packages and Value Packages for you to choose in different themes. Cathay Pacific Holidays also offers "Stay-A-While" hotel packages to all Cathay Pacific passengers. You will enjoy substantial discounts while staying at top hotels worldwide with a host of value-added benefits thrown in.

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