What kind of hand luggage regulations apply to flights to the USA on Lufthansa ?

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I am interested to travel on Lufthansa. Can someone tell me that what kind of hand luggage regulations apply to flights to the USA?

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  1. Airlines Expert
    The EU and the USA have similar, but not identical, regulations. On flights from the EU to the USA, containers holding no more than 100 ml may be taken on board, provided that they are carried in the appropriate transparent plastic bag. For departures from the USA, in line with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, the American measure of 3 fl. oz applies (the equivalent of approximately 90 ml). Passengers departing from US airports are therefore only permitted to take containers up to a maximum of 3 fl. oz., i.e. 90 ml, on board with them. Special provisions for Duty Free: items purchased in Duty Free that contain liquids may only be carried on flights to the USA as hand luggage if they were bought at the last departure airport or directly on the flight to the USA. Duty Free items, which were bought at previous airports or on previous legs of the route, may therefore not be taken on board, even if the item has been shrink-wrapped. This applies irrespective of whether or not the journey began in the EU. At airports within the US, local regulations may also apply that you must enquire about when you are there. Please also note that changes can be made even at short-notice. The latest information about travelling to the USA is available from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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