What is wikileaks founder a Guided light or evil genius?

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Wikileaks has published those information about the countries which has been hidden for a long time. This information was not meant to be brought out on the media. So after exposing these documents, what do you call the man behind these revelations? Is he guided light or evil genius?

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    For the answer of this question lets have a look on a news article which states that: “In this hypothetical situation,” he asks, “am I armed or unarmed?” Senior fellow at the august Brookings Institution, O’Hanlon has just been asked what he would do if he were to find himself seated across a table from one Julian Assange, founder and guiding spirit of the Internet whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. The Australian-born Assange, it may safely be said, has a gift for exciting powerful reactions. This has never been truer than now, as 200,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables make their less than stately way into public view, courtesy of Assange and a small network of like-minded political activists and technophiles, not to mention a worldwide welter of obliging news outlets. It’s the largest, the latest, and the most sensational in an ongoing string of electronically orchestrated disclosures that have now made WikiLeaks famous or infamous, while transforming Assange into a new kind of media star, celebrated by some and reviled by many, at once ubiquitous and all but invisible. The man who has done this, must be an evil genius and guiding the world in the light of his released documents.

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