What is the way to meter a Song?

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In my college there will be ghazal and folk song competition next week, I am going to take part in that competition. Now I need to know what the way to meter a Song is.

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     The meter of a part will assist a entertainer understand which beats should be accented and which beats should be weakened? This natural go out and flow of powerful and feeble beats is the cornerstone for a thriving performance.
    • Tapping the beat
    • Tap your base along with the recital to find the stable beat.
    • Tap more vigorously on the beats that seem powerful, while tapping thinly on the beats that seem weak.
    • Take note of which beats are powerful and which beats are weak.
    • Decide if your convention of powerful and feeble beats aligns snugly with the song. If it feels inapt, trial experimenting with differing patterns of feeble and powerful beats.
    • Once you have discovered a snug convention, add simultaneously the first set of powerful and feeble beats. For example, 1 powerful trounce for every 3 feeble beats notifies you that your meter is in 4.

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