What is the value of an Ortgies pocket pistol 32 cal?

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What is the value of an Ortgies pocket pistol 32 cal? Please I need complete and comprehensive details.

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  1. Angelina

     The worth of Ortgies pouch pistol 32 cal is: $ 450.00
    Ortgies .32 Cal. Automatic Pistol #89462 C. 1930. 3½" barrel, the cannon is general about mint with 98% azure, just some secondary wear on the peak for demonstration of the slide. Mechanically flawless, mint unexciting, crunchy markings encompassing "Deutsche Werke Erfurt" on the left edge of the skid showing mail 1921 manufacture. Choice demonstration of this superbly made .32 German automatic.
    The good thing in it: arrives with initial nickel publication and an additional azure mag. The medallion on the grabs is the vintage style. Also arrives with what seems to be an initial cowhide holster with a pouch for the additional mag. A Radocy take down manual proceeds with it too.
    The awful thing in it: When the skid is worked, it does not burden a around from the publication into the chamber. I'm not a gunsmith and have no concept what is wrong. I considered the publication was awful and acquired the reproduction mag with wants of that being the problem- no luck. Also, the grabs arrive off too so straightforward, examines like the woodcatch/lock has damaged down.
    German holster for Ortgies pistol:
    This is an original WWII German holster which had an Ortgies.32cal pistol. The cowhide is supple and pliable with powerful stitching, a dark complete and exterior publication pouch. Some flaking of the closure strap can be glimpsed in the pictures. Guaranteed 100% initial and complies with eBay guidelines as holster comprises no attack markings. International instructions are greeting but will not boat w prohibited; boats allegations interior the US by main concern posted letters will be $5 and worldwide boats will be at cost, delight e-mail if you require accurate extract (Payment kinds acknowledged encompass Paypal or cash orders).

  2. Guest10468335
    Worth $150-$200, but have been selling for as much as $425. Pistol prices vary by location & timing (need, collectors, etc.).

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