What is the value of 1915 copyright print by Taber Prang of a boy wearing a straw hat?

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I have my question regarding the worth of something special that I have. It is actually a painting of a boy wearing a straw hat and it says copyright 1915 by tabor prang art co Springfield mass. To me this seems to be an antique item and I would like to know that what could possibly be the worth of this item?

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  1. Harry
    There were two artists in the late 19th to early 20th C. creating paintings and prints of monks, archbishops, cardinals, and popes, usually imbibing some sort of alcoholic beverage, doing something that allowed for titles with wonderfully humorous leanings. As for value, there are many people who collect Taber Prang prints, and those by Alfred Charles Weber usually sell at auction, both on eBay and through straight auctions, for anywhere between $50- $150, at auction, depending on size and condition, and whether the print is in its original, well-maintained frame. This is worth-mentioning here that Taber Prang is known to have used quality frames, which have proven to hold up well over the years. If there is simply a print with no frame, but the print is in good condition, the worth is about $35. Besides, if it is an original quarter sawn oak frame that is worth $100. Generally speaking, it can be said that the price or the worth of the print ranges from $15 to $500.

  2. Guest10871095
    If it's the print alone with no frame and the print is in good condition, it's worth about $35. With the original quarter sawn oak frame, it is workth about $100. If the frame is of mortise and tenon joinery with a clean print and brass pegs are used, the print is worth $200 to $250.

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