What is the title of this old black and white comedy?

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The plot revolved around a young wife, on the advice of her mother, using a puppy training manual to get her husband to do what she wanted. Naturally the husband suspects he is being manipulated and hilarity ensues. Do you know the title of movie? Someone please help me in finding this.

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    it was not a black and white, it was in color and it was made in 1962. Title, “If a Man Answers” It starred Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, Micheline Presle, and John Lund. I see no references to it being a remake of an earlier film. Just a few months before it opened as a movie, I read it as a short story in a ladie's magazine. I forget which one. In the short story, the person who gave the young bride the book was her new mother-in-law, not her mother. This was changed in the movie.

    This comedy film was directed by Henry Levin and starring Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. It was produced by Ross Hunter Productions, Inc, and distributed by Universal Pictures. The screenplay was written by Richard Morris from a novel by Winifred Wolfe.

    Plot: Chantal Stacy (Dee) is a young female from an affluent, bourgeoisie family. A noteworthy speck in Chantal's individuality is her background; where her mother, Germaine Stacy (Micheline Presle), is a flamboyant, fun-loving dancer from Paris, her male parent, John Stacy (John Lund), is a strictly conservative and straight-edged businessman from Boston. Due to their fly-by-night wedding ceremony in Paris during one of John Stacy's finance excursions - as Chantal calls it, a "souffle-and-beans romance" - Chantal is born. She is a blend of the couple entities. At the innovation of the picture, it is divulged that many of her rallies with males have been cut condensed on account assertion of her Boston background; a raucous Boston foghorn is perceived in the past she can interact intimately with any male. Continued….
    I hope you got the answer.

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