What is the theme of the fence by Jose Garcia villa?

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I have my question about a story known as the fence by Jose Garcia. In the past few years I have read some of his poetry so I want to know that what exactly the theme of the poem is.

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    characters of the fence

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     Jose Garcia Villa is best known as a modernist Filipino poet who migrated to America in the 1930s. Although he remained a Philippine citizen, he spent the rest of his life in the United States, only rarely returning to his home country. He enrolled in the University of New Mexico, earning a B.A. degree in 1933. Villa began writing short stories while he was still an undergraduate at the University of New Mexico. He published these and his poems in American literary magazines to almost immediate praise. Villa abandoned short-story writing and turned all his attention to poetry. Between 1933 and 1942 he published very little because most fiction writers are judged by their presentation of the cultures and social settings they are familiar with in their own lives. By turning to poetry, he was able to turn his foreignness into an asset, a brand of exoticism that appealed to the orientalist strain in American modernism while still allowing Villa to take his place among the 'great' American writers. The poem “The Fence “considers the theme of man wrestling with the divine, a recurring interest of Villa's. According to Luis Francia in Asia Week online, this poem was hailed as Villa's "greatest work."

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    what is the theme of the fence by: jose garcia villa?

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