What is the ranking of Assassins creed2?

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I am collecting data about games and I need the ranking of Assassins creed2. If you know correct ranking tell me please. I tried hard to get the right answer, but you know internet is full of fake answers. Please let me know if you have something to share. Please answer me, as you answered me before, when I asked you about the famous Xbox games. I hope you let me know as soon as possible.



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  1. John

    Hello James

    Assassins Creed II is ranked # 31 out of 3091 Xbox 360 rated games. It is authentic as I am also a big player of Xbox games. This result is based on the recent rankings.

    For further references you can also check out this source for the credible information regarding game ranking.

    But I must tell you these rankings are fluctuating and constantly changing throughout the year. The source I have provided you is not restricted to Assassins Creed II and its latest ranking, but you find a lot of games info and related stuff as well. You can have more unique information related to Xbox 360 and upcoming gaming trends. Furthermore you can learn the useful techniques and ways to make you a successful player. I think you should go there and see for your self and how much you can get there.

    I hope this will work, still need some information than you can ask me again. I am always here to be of your help.


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