What is the ralation between Endometriosis and Miscarriage

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When discussing the relationship between endometrosis and miscarriage, doctors suggest that women with mild to moderate endometriosis are most likely to be able to sustain healthy pregnancies. The more severe the condition is, the more difficult for women to get pregnant. Doctor suggests two concerns about the connection between endometriosis and miscarriage: severe forms of the condition correlate to lower fertility levels and potentially higher miscarriage risk.

Medical researchers are not in full agreement about the relationship between endometrosis and miscarriage. Some studies suggest that women with endometriosis have an elevated risk of losing a pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester. Other researchers suggest a much more complex relationship, which endometriosis is more likely to make it difficult to become pregnant instead of affecting the actual outcome of a pregnancy.
From above points, it is not difficult to find that women who have endometrosis are at high risk of having miscarriage. However, women can also have other risk factors for miscarriage, in addition to having endometriosis. Advanced age, smoking, use of certain medications, and other reproductive issues may all heighten the risk of spontaneous abortion. It is sometimes very difficult to establish that only endometriosis is or was responsible for a miscarriage.
Thus for women who already who endometriosis, they should treat endometrosis before they try to get pregnant. And to cure endometrosis, they needn't to bear the great pain from surgery any more. The herbal medicine "fuyan pill" from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic is effective on curing endometrosis.

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