What is the procedure to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool?

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I am a freelance writer, I want to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for my articles, could you guide me how I can use this tool effectively.

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     If you are writing an article and want to do keyword research with Google Adwords, it will really helps you a lot in making extra money. Because using Google Adwords keyword tool you can increase search engine results for your page rank. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool also facilitates you to make online money by finding out which keywords have the highest pay per click value. There are a couple of ways to use Google Adwords to make money few are listed below.

    • The first step is to develop your writing plan means about which topic you are going to write.
    • In order to start the keyword optimization process, visit the Google Adwords Keyword Tool website.
    • Here you will see a keyword generator column where you will enter the title of your article.
    • Now click the on the option to display pull down menu.
    • Now select 3 primary and 5 secondary keywords and then start writing your article by utilizing these keywords and try to maintain word density of your keywords in order to get more advantage.

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