What is the procedure of writing an executive summary for research paper?

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I want to write an executive summary for my research paper could you tell me the best way of writing summary of a research paper?

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  1. kate

     Every research report should contain an executive summary which summarize the key points of the report. The executive summary should be short and according to the article. Your executive summary should contain the reasons that why the report was written and also mention the limitations of the report along with the findings and conclusions.
    1. Analyze each chapter or section of your report and determine which points are most important and decide which points should be mentioned in the summary.
    2. Write a summary of the main points from each chapter.
    3. Organize those points in the order in which they appear in the main report for the executive summary.
    4. You can get the idea of the executive summaries from other research reports
    5. Use some sort of graphics while writing the executive summary or add bullets to enhance the presentation of your data.
    6. Proofread and edit the executive summary once you have completed the initial outline.

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