What is the procedure of writing an executive summary for a business plan?

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Hello, I am Smith and I am an under graduate student of business management, I want to know how I can write an executive summary of a business plan?

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  1. kate

      The executive summary plan will gives you an overview of the business that you want to start. While presenting information on a proposed business you will include all important facts related to your business as it will create an effective executive summary. Here are few important points that you can fallow for writing an executive summary for your business plan.
    • While writing an executive summary keep your audience in mind and use that terminology that they can easily understand.
    • Keep all of your business information completely factual while writing an executive summary and also discuss your certification and elaborate the safety measures of your plan too.
    • Explain the demographics conditions of the area and illustrate that how your business is different from all of the others.
    • Show that you have a good business head on your shoulders by bringing up factual data and also add information about your recent rates, and how many staff members you expect to hire.
    • Mention how you will deal with adversity and the hard economic conditions to the best of your abilities.

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