What is the price of Kawasaki sports bikes?

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I have been checking for different sports bikes online and during this course, Kawasaki has grabbed my attention to go for it as soon as possible. Although, there are different makes and models of Kawasaki sports bikes with different prices in various countries, I want to know the exact prices of best Kawasaki sports bikes in the countries like Canada and USA. I tried searching for it on web with different keywords, but I couldn’t make it with exact figures. So, I am wondering if anyone of you could please come up with the exact amount, so that I can start saving my earnings to buy one best Kawasaki bike soon. I am waiting for your quick response anxiously, as your efforts will surely be highly admired. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. John

    Many of the experienced bikers and experts are of the view point that Kawasaki Ninja is the best brand for all types of users, but when it comes to the model and specific make, they suggest 2 options. One among them is the Kawasaki Ninja 650r and the other one is Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 Monster Energy. Going more deep into the details, they recommend the second option, as it’s more viable than the rest of all. You should rather go for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 Monster Energy, as it will cost you $12499 if you’re in USA. On the other hand, if you are Canada based, it will cost you $15,199 CDN. Best of luck!


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