What is the name of the h hargrove painting of a train engine?

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Is there anyone who can tell me what is the name of the h Hargrove painting of a train engine, please help me by providing complete and comprehensive details on this.

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  1. Angelina

     The title of the h hargrove decorating of a train motor is Champagin Train Station, 1980.
    H Hargrove decorating of a train motor is on extended canvas and that it is a fine gist screening method either called a restricted version serigraph or a possibly a giclee. Fabulous eye catching central view of the Atlanta train position round the g*y nineties or turn of the century. Bustling with persons clothed in vintage attire the view is a nostalgic outlook of days gone by. Particularly the tactile seem of that attractive vintage tin ceiling and tile floor. You can glimpse the large-scale locomotive parked out-of-doors through the window.
    This decorating is bordered in what examines like oak stained a pleasant golden hue and has a tag on the back displaying some data either about the border or initial buy of this item. Hargrove was the authorized creative individual of the Atlanta Olympics in the 1990's in order that it was decorated beside that time. But it could have been a much previous work and possibly leveraged his selection. Framed it is about 31" by 27". The likeness itself is about 19 1/2" by 23 1/2". Great status, other than a couple of cuts or scuffs to the timber frame. These are effortlessly negated by a bit of furnishings oil. Below you will find some biographical data that I discovered online:
    "H. Hargrove was born Nicolo Sturiano in 1941 in Southern Italy. He came to America in 1964 after having acquired a stage in wine chemistry at the Institute of Wine Technology in Marsala, Italy.

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    what is the name of the h hardgrove painting of a train engine

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