Immediate solution to increased prices of sugar in Pakistan?

by Edward  |  11 years, 7 month(s) ago

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What is the immediate solution to increased prices of sugur in Pakistan?

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  1. ZZ

     The only solution to the increased prices of sugar in Pakistan is the end to Feudatory  system. And all the matters will be automatically solved.

    In history, feudalism (the term "feudalism" is used to describe pejoratively "anything reactionary, old-fashioned, or resonant of aristocratic values", Oxford Dictionary), has appeared in different forms. The feudal archetype in Pakistan consists of Landlords with large joint families possessing hundreds or even thousands of acres of land. They seldom make any direct contribution to agricultural production.
    If as a nation we can cope with these feudal lords only then we will be able to have solution to your request. 

  2. Guest22552543

    Taking strict action against sugur mills owners and politicians protecting them

  3. Guest22524370

    Guest22523656 this is not the write way to control all this. I think a free and fair election will be its solution but people of Pakistan should cast their vote to appropriate person!

  4. Guest22523656

    Hang all politicians responsible for this


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