What is the good way to make a Banana Smoothie without a Blender?

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How to make a Banana Smoothie without a Blender? Is there anyone who can help me please?

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  1. Angelina

     Aside from being a tasty drink, banana smoothies supply you with a dose of calcium, protein and potassium and a little bit of fiber. They're a apt beverage to start your day with or to use as a snack or source of power in the middle of the day. If your blender is broken or you don't have get access to to one, you can still relish this beneficial beverage. While a blender presents an perfect smoothie consistency, you can still arrive close to this consistency without one.
    • Place six ice cubes in the artificial bag, and seal. Wrap the bag in a bowl towel, and location it on the floor. Carefully hit the bag with a mallet, trampling the ice cubes. Pour the trampled ice into a large bowl.
    • Peel and slash up a banana on a chopping board. Mash it with a large spoon. Scrape the mashed banana into the large basin encompassing the trampled ice.
    • Add the yogurt and milk. Mix with an electric driven hand mixer until the consistency is smooth. Pour into a large glass.

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