What is the fee for full time MBA in LUMS?

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If i take admission in MBA then how much i have to pay per year in LUMS university.

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  1. James Augustus

    Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is considered one of the best universities of management sciences in private sector. In 1986 LUMS started its Business School with MBA program (Renamed as the Suleman Dawood School of Business). In 1994, LUMS launched a BSc Honors Program in Economics and Computer Science. With the passage of time, more specializations in different subjects are added. In 1996, the School of Arts and Sciences was profiled to organize the undergraduate program at LUMS. Later on, masters programs in Economics, Computer Science and Computer Engineering were also supplemental, pursued by the launch of doctoral programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Mathematics and the Executive MBA program. In 2002, a five year, included, BA-LL.B level was also included to the items of programs submitted by the school.
    Fees for different programs at LUMS are bit higher as compared to other universities in private sector. In LUMS the fee for full time MBA program is about Rs. 587,000. However, financial assistance is provided to the students on the basis of merit. Financial assistance, usually a combination of financial aid comprising loan, tuition waiver and work compensation is offered to students. Presently, out of the total 2742 enrolled students (Returning Classes), 853 are getting full or partial financial aid, 319 are admitted through NOP and 1570 are self-supported. To-date, the total financial aid disbursed by LUMS is Rs. 1.2 billion approximately. Almost 50% students at LUMS are getting financial aid in some ways.

  2. Guest23189775

     wht is the fee of 1 year in LUMS of BS

  3. Guest22643107

    i m undergraduate doind Bcom part 1 as i am conscious about my farther studies MBA in LUMS may you please guide me about the scholarship plan and when should i get ready for all these stuff and entrance test?thanks

  4. The Education Expert

    In LUMS university the fee for full time MBA is Rs. 587,000. That is for the first time, it includes admission, summer orientation program, tuition, reading material, registration, computing & extracurricular, security (refundable). For the next time you only have to pay tution fee and registration, computing & extracurricular fee only.

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