What is the exact distance of NZ embassy from athlete village?

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How far is the NZ embassy from the athlete village in New Delhi Commonwealth Games venue and what are the possible ways of public transport. The event is over now, but I am making a report on it which is related to the NZ teams and embassy issues.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    It is not far away from the main gaming venue. And there is no problem in getting some good transport.

    Ironically, there was a time when people use to ask me that what is the exact distance from the Adelaide air port to the city centre? Now I am surprised and happy to hear that someone is interested in asking the exact distance of the athlete village form the New Zealand embassy.

    You know it was the most unforgettable event for me to be in India, when Commonwealth games were on the move.

    I was really fed up with those uneven events and arrangements of the Delhi Government. Still I have those memories in my mind and I cannot get rid of those unfortunate memories. Overall the event was the biggest disappointment. I hope you can understand what I am talking about. Now back to the question, there is not much distance from the gaming venue. I hope your question has been answered but still you want to share something with me regarding this topic than you are more than welcome to share it with me.


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