What is the ethnic theory of plane crashes

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What is the ethnic theory of plane crashes

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  1. Guest894728
    Incorrect: it is nothing to do with the English language. The theory states that countries with a high Power-Distance Index (i.e. those countries where juniors are less keen to challenge or speak up to superiors) are more likely to produce pilots who crash. In the case of the Korean flight you mention, the first officer knew that the flight was in trouble, but did not wish to contradict the captain.

  2. Guest12758
    Ethnic theory of plane crashes has to do with English. Most of the planes that crashed, the lead pilot did not speak very good English. That was the case with all Korean Air flights that crashed as well as whole lot of other flights that crashed. They say since all control towers around the world communicate in English, it should be spoken proficiently by all of the pilots and co-pilots. Also in some cultures the co-pilots don't take a stand when they feel there is something wrong; instead they hint at the pilot.
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