What is the emirates eBoarding Pass and how do I use it

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What is the emirates eBoarding Pass and how do I use it?

To save you time at the airport, Emirates now offers eBoarding Passes for some airports. You will only receive an eBoarding Pass if you choose to use Online Check-in.*

Your eBoarding Pass functions in exactly the same way as a normal boarding pass, and includes your seating assignment, Boarding Gate number and flight details. Business Class and First Class passengers may bring their eBoarding Passes to the Emirates Lounge for Lounge access.

You will receive an eBoarding Pass upon completion of Online Check-in at relevant departure cities, either by email, by choosing View / Print eBoarding Pass or both. Simply print your eBoarding Pass and bring it with you to the Boarding Gate or to the Bag Drop counter if you are checking baggage.

At Dubai Airport, you will need to be at the Boarding Gate no later than 35 minutes before departure, or the Bag Drop counter at least 90 minutes before departure. These times vary at different airports, so please be sure to check your eBoarding Pass which will state the required times clearly.

If you are unable to print your eBoarding Pass, you may print your boarding pass at the airport Self Check-in kiosks in Dubai only or proceed to an Emirates Check-in counter.

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