What is the eligibility criteria for United Tax Savings Income Plan?

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I want to know the eligibility criteria for United Tax Savings Income Plan.

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  1. Banking Expert
    Individual either singly or jointly or in the name of HUF.When Minor is an IT Assessee holding PAN, deposit can be opened singly in the name of Minor operated by himself/herself or by Guardian as per normal norms of the Bank. Deposit in joint names may be issued to two adults or jointly to an adult and a minor under the mode of operation 'payable to either or survivor'.In case of deposit held in joint name, the facility of deduction from income under Section 80C of Income tax shall be available only to the first depositor.

  2. Banking Expert
    Anyone eligible to open Savings Bank Deposit Account of the Bank is eligible to open United Bonanza Savings Account either singly or jointly. Employees, Ex-employees, spouse of deceased employees of United Bank of India and senior citizens are also eligible to open account under this scheme.

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