What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?

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Divorce and Marriage Law

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  1. asim
    In the simplest terms, a divorce is the ending of a marriage while both spouses are still living. But the truth is, divorce is often anything but simple. A legal separation is a court-documented "split" in both the physical and emotional sense. It does not automatically lead to divorce and couples can reconcile without having to re-marry, however it does legally distinguish the couple as living apart and being "separated" from one another.

  2. haseeb
    A divorce is finalized and you are no longer married. You can even pay extra money and go back to your maiden name. Separation is just that .. you don't live together, are separated, but carry the same surname. In Canada after 7 years you are legally considered divorced. Some women when separated and not having the money for a divorce will obviously keep their husband's name, but this will change when she remarries. It's your choice.

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