What is the detail of Australia business migration visa?

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I want to know detail about Australia business migration visa. Would anyone tell me that what is the detail of Australia business migration visa?

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  2. Australia Guide
    If you have a background in business management or high level investment activities and are interested in investing in Australia, starting up a new business in Australia or purchasing an ownership interest in an existing Australian business, you and your family may be eligible for permanent residence status under Australia's business migration program. Business Owner Visa Business owner visas allow people with a significant ownership interest in a medium to large size business overseas to migrate to Australia and establish or invest in a business there. Senior Executive Visa Senior executives with management experience in a large overseas corporation may be granted permanent residence in Australia under this visa category. Once in Australia, they are expected to establish or make a significant investment in an Australian business. Investment-Linked Visa Investment-Linked visas are granted to applicants who are experienced in making business investments, have access to substantial capital, and willing to make a substantial investment in an Australian Government Security for a fixed term. Once they have migrated to Australia, visa holders are expected to engage in some form of business or investment activity. Existing Business in Australia If you already have a significant ownership interest in an Australian business, and would be willing to take-up residence in Australia for at least nine months in order to take an active role in the management of that business. This category of business migration requires the least capital outlay.

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