What is the current password for the installous trollbridge?

by Guest13349502  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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The question is; You ssh to your phone and decide to rename "documents" to "other c**p", type the command to do it, without using quotes. any help would be great.

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  1. Guest18003551
    Yes - UR a f****t.
  2. Guest15771649
    CAVERN (not uppercased)
  3. Guest15543995
    i kgb'd it the answer is cavern
  4. Guest15418982
    was tha code por installer installous on cydia
  5. Guest15317033
    i do no have a clue can sombody please help me and give me the answer
  6. Guest15068665
    kyek modified a Greasmonkey pligin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ______ Links Checker.
  7. Guest13733353
    Http:// ( hère all answers for appoulous)
  8. Guest13713070
    There you go, new pass : , corrected link
  9. Guest13713070
    There you go, new pass :
  10. Guest13712584
  11. Guest13657594
    the answer is cavern
  12. Guest13634158
    The first guest is a f****t... No one is going to pay you you f**k up
  13. Guest13537600
    after you get in, save it to your favorites or somthing and you never have to put in the answer again. dumb a*s hint you moron!
  14. Guest13518578
    Have you tried checking for the answer? They have all the latest answers for the troll bridge there. 100% latest working answers You should just set the page as your homepage if you need to get the answer all the time. Since it keep changing.
  15. Guest13390663
    Get the password for the new question here :
  16. Guest13390729
    mv Documents Other\ c**p
  17. Guest13367537
  18. Guest13363940
    I have a way around the password all together but I will not tell untill somebody pays me but I will offer a free hint: In the Back of your head deep Underground lies the answer... Lol can u figure it out. :)

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