Conflict in the Indian in the Cupboard

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What is the conflict in The Indian in the Cupboard?

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  1. Harry

     The Indian in the Cupboard is a 1995 American fantasy film about a boy who receives a cupboard as a gift on his ninth birthday. He later discovers that putting toy figures in the cupboard, after locking and unlocking it, brings the toys to life. Eventually, Omri reveals his secret to his friend Patrick who immediately wants to get in on the fun. Ignoring Omri's protesting, Patrick brings to life a cowboy from 1879 called Boone (David Keith) along with his horse. Boone and Little Bear, like the common behavior between cowboys and Indians, initially are enemies, eventually becoming involved in a shootout, but are forced to behave themselves. The natural conflict isn't great and it gets worse when Patrick threatens to spill the secret if Omri doesn't bring the men to school the next day. Omri did as Patrick requested but as the day went on; he began to think it wasn't such a great idea. They get into a lot of trouble as the Little Bear demanded to get a wife. The boys stop down at the local store and Little Bear chooses his bride-to-be. Later on, the little plastic men start up a controversy. One thing led to another and Boone ended up with an arrow in his chest very narrowly missing his heart. With the help of the doctor and Little Bear's new wife, Boone is restored to full health. Little Bear firmly suggests that they be blood brothers, so, a great Indian ceremony takes place in Omri's bedroom. Now with everything back in order the boys think that it is best that the little men be put back in the cupboard and sent back to their own time.

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