What is the best way to make a Yantra?

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I am a student of comparative religion; I need to write an essay on the topic what is the best way to make a Yantra? Please help.

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  1. Angelina

     Yantra is a Hindu period for a emblem comprised of geometric shapes. It comprises the divine. Make a yantra to symbolize how the god or goddess of your devotion manifests in your consciousness. Use your yantra as a meditation device to draw you deeper into the secret of life and reality. Focus your brain and draw with endurance and engrossment as you conceive your yantra. Make a Ganesha yantra -- or any other -- for demonstration, geometrically balanced. But make it a creation that resonates with your inward being.
    • Draw a around large sufficient to encompass the embedded triangles on a part of paper. Use a geometry compass or a circular convention to conceive a balanced circle. Place a second around one or two inches interior the first circle. Draw a spot, which assists as the unifying standard of manifestation in the middle of the circle.
    • Measure and draw a rectangle round the outside circle. Meet the lines of the rectangle to the peak, base and edges of the outside circle. Divide the rounds into eighths by drawing lines intersecting through the center of the circles.
    • Place an equilateral triangle interior the inward circle. Draw a downward-facing lesser equilateral triangle and an upward-facing triangle on peak of the downward-facing form to pattern a six-pointed celebrity interior the bigger triangle.
    • Use tinted pencils to load up the forms with satisfying colors. Fill the rectangles of a Ganesha yantra with green, the rectangles with gold and the triangles with lotus pink.

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