What is the average Workers Compensation settlement for a shoulder injury?

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What is the average Workers Compensation settlement for a shoulder injury?

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  1. Guest28157036

    I have seen and am dealing with these same issues, They have a lot of "What's really wrong and how can we get out of this claim." Honestly it's a wide range, normally 25k-75k. I was offered a lot more but have left and right shoulder issues with a few other aggravating problems. For me though, is that money wont last me long if I can't go back to work. So, I'd rather be able to work then get a large settlement without being able to work.  

  2. Guest27163866

    I have a question. I work as a OTR. truck driver. I injuryed my right shoulder and have had 4 surgery;s on it also injueryed my Scalp. and had 1 surgery on it to date. I also war my left shoulder for compensating for my Right shoulder.and I have hed my 2nd surgery this passed Sep 15th. and now my ly scalp need surgery, I had the first 3 surgery's on shoulder. and they wanted a 2nd opinion from an other doctor .went to the 2nd Doctor and He did the 4th surrgery on it and 2 surgery's on my left shoulder so far. and it still not right at all. the doctor siad that I will have pain in my right shoulder for the rest of my life. and needed a painmanagement and colseling as well and would not return to work.Im going to PT for my lt and right shoulder's unsuppervisted for 12 weeks and ihave pain non stop 24/7. my workers compensation is out of Nebraska. and I live in Ohio. the company I worked for is self insured. have you any thoughts to how  much settlement is worth??/ and in title to?? I have to have someone you come in and clean the house for me, and shopping for food because I can't lift a gal, of milk with out use both hands.and have to cradle it if carring it.MY whole life has been over turned over and I have to depend on family a frieds to help me. Ive never ever depened on anyone in my life till this happend to me. Thx Matthew

  3. James Augustus

    You should discuss with your treating doctor and see what they anticipate your future holds for you.

    Then discuss with an attorney to go over possible values for your claim. Once you have an idea as to what your options are, medically and legally, take the time that you need to decide what you want to do.

  4. Guest22597543

    i had 4 tears and impingment.  they supposidly fixed it all.  i was off work 3 months, and still have daily pain.  if i get using it too much, it aches for days.  it has been 9 months since my surgery and the insurance co recently sent a nurse to review my progress, so i'm expecting them to try to discharge/close my account.  i am just wondering what they might offer.  i'm sure this is worth something.  there are a lot of factors: such as, my employer KNEW of the damage our work area was causing because there was another claim from a coworker more than a year prior..for the same thing, in the same dept.  and they didn't do anything.  and although my area has been adjusted to help prevent further problems, i am still doing the same that caused the issue.  so....any thoughts?

  5. Guest21382539
    Is my working without restrictions hurting my workmen comp case?
  6. Guest14607130
    i have a tear i my shoulder
  7. Guest14023837
    what is the average workers comp shoulder injury settlement
  8. Guest11367345
    How much money for shoulder injury settlement
  9. Guest10073639
    I am have three rotator cuff tears and two slap tears what is a average settlement
  10. Guest10073639
    I am have three rotator cuff tears and two slap tears what is a average settlement

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