What is the answer to the glyph #14 in assassins creed 2?

by Guest13302569  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Its one of the 10 paintings puzzles. its the one thats says "the seeds were planted as the two worlds became one. Behold, the assassins, the children of two worlds". i have never been stuck on one untill now. plz and ty

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  1. Guest22522008

    Same worked for me

  2. Spithaz
    Cupid and Phyche, Rape of Europa, Jupiter and Io, Danae visited by Zeus, Leda and the Swan. Those are the ones that worked for me.
  3. Guest13317879
    Choose all the paintings that are couples. Cupid & Psyche, etc. I know for sure the Last painting should be chosen, but the second to last should not.

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