What is the Ksp equation?

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I want to solve the basic types of Ksp equations. Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    Here is the tutorial on how to do common type of Ksp equation or problem!
    We have to calculate the solubility constant if given Ksp is equal to 1.1 x 10-10. Solid barium sulfate dissolves into its respective ions in water at 25oC.

    To solve this equation, you must be familiar with the formula for barium sulfate which is BaSO4 because barium ion is 2+ and sulfate ion is 2-. By knowing about the dissolution of solids, you will get:
    BaSO4 (s) <---> Ba2+ (aq) + SO42- (aq)
    The equation is considered balance, but it is better to make sure to have double arrows, for the reaction does not reach to completion. Then applying the Ksp equation, you will get:
    Ksp = [ Ba2+ ] x [ SO42- ]
    We are not assigned any initial concentration of any of those ions so we will say that Ba2+ consist 0 M (moles/liter) and SO42- consist 0 M. However, after the solid barium sulfate dissolves to some extent and we do not know the number (which is what we are trying to figure out); we will say that X amount has been added to both ions. So the resulted concentration in equilibrium will be [Ba2+] = 0 + X = X and [SO42- ] = 0 + X = X. (Reminder: Brackets around an ion refers to its concentration.) So now you have the concentrations of the two ions and the given Ksp, you can plug into the equation above. You should get:
    1.1 x 10-10 = (X) (X) = X2
    (X2)1/2 = (1.1 x 10-10)1/2
    X = 1.048 x 10-5 M = 1.0 x 10-5 M = [Ba2+] = [SO42-]

  2. Guest4199056
    the ksp of silver sulfide is 8* 10^-51. What is the silver ion concentration of a saturated solution of silver sulfide?

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