Fram oil filter cross reference for a purolator oil filter L14476

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I have my question regarding Fram oil filter cross with reference to a Purolator oil filter L14476. I have been driving cars from quite a while now. As I am a quite a new driver so I do not happen to have much information about some of the automobile features from the maintenance point of view. For this reason, I would want to know that what is the Fram oil filter cross with reference to a Purolator oil filter L14476?

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  1. Harry

     It is normally believed that for car to be running good, the engine oil matters more than anything. This is because the life of the automobile engine is said to be very much depending upon the type of the oil is used. Some experts say that just like good quality cooking oil have certain effects on the human body. In the similar way the type and the quality of Engine oil also affects the performance of engine as far as the automobiles are concerned. Like a poor quality cooking oil proves to be destructive for a human health, in a similar way an engine oil of inferior quality can be well and truly devastating for the automobile. No doubt that the good quality oil are quite expensive as compare to the ordinary ones but the difference is least bothering when it comes to mileage and engine performance. As far as the fram oil filter with reference to a Purolator oil filter L14476 is concerned, it is simple Fram PH 4967.

  2. Guest10561975
    I have a 27 hp Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine and was wondering what Purolator oil filter cross referenced it. The original # is: 491056.

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