What is the Foreign Travel Tax applied by Karachi airport?

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I need to know about the travel tax I will be giving to the airlines while travelling from Karachi. Also tell that what is meant by the foreign travel tax and why we have to pay this tax. Does someone knows about it.

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  1. Guest23253539

    Jinnah International Airport is the largest international and domestic airport in Pakistan. The airport is located in Karachi the old capital of Pakistan. Most of the international flights are from Karachi International Airport and mostly people book their ticket from Karachi Airport for different international destinations. As it is the policy set by the government that whoever buy an international ticket have to pay some foreign travel tax. It is tax for travelling outside the country anywhere in the world, at some airports foreign travel tax is different for different countries but at Jinnah International Airport Karachi foreign travel tax is fixed that every international passenger have to pay Rs 1500/- as foreign travel tax. At Karachi Airport there are also some other taxes along with the foreign travel tax that every international passenger have to pay.

  2. Guest23253508

    Pakistan is an economical country where travelling is inexpensive. When you try to move out of the country you have to pay certain tax that is called the “foreign travel tax”. This tax is only payable for international travels from Pakistan through air or by water. When you bought an International ticket from Pakistan to anywhere around the world you have to pay foreign travel tax and also some other travel taxes like International Travel Charges which includes embarkation fee and government Airport Tax. In Pakistan at Jinnah International airport the foreign travel tax is fixed that is Rs 1500/- which every international passenger have to pay while purchasing a ticket.

  3. karachi guide
    Foreign Travel Tax is applicable on the tickets purchased in Karachi, Pakistan for International Travel and is charged at a fixed rate of Rs. 1500/-.

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