What is the Contribution of agriculture in Indian economy?

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I am a farmer; I want to know about the contribution of agriculture in Indian economy, I want to expand my agriculture farming business, please help me.

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  1. kate

     Agriculture Sector of Indian Economy is one of the major sectors of Indian economy. Agriculture is the major means of living for almost two-thirds of the employed class of India. According to the economic data of financial year 2006-07, agriculture has obtained 18 percent of India's GDP. The agriculture sector of India has covered almost 43 percent of India's geographical area. Agriculture is still the only major contributor to India's GDP even after an incline in the same in the agriculture share of India. Agriculture also performs an important role in the growth of socio-economic sector in India.

    Previously, India was largely dependent upon food imports but the recent developments in the agriculture sector of Indian economy have made it self-sufficing in grain production. The country also has substantial resources for the same. India depends mainly on the agriculture sector, specifically on the food production unit after the 1960 crisis in food sector. Since then, India has put a lot of struggle to be self-sufficient in the food production and this endeavor of India has led to the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution came into existence with the object to bring improvement in the agricultural sector of the country. The services improved by the Green Revolution in the agriculture sector of Indian economy are mentioned below:
    • Utilize more area for cultivation
    • Enlarging irrigation facilities
    • Use of improved and advanced varieties of seeds
    • Implementing better strategies that came from agriculture research
    • Water management

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