What is special in 2011 Bimota DB7?

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I am wondering to know about the special features of Bimota DB7, as I have heard a lot of gossip about 2011 model Bimota DB7 and have come to know about it in my social circle of biker friends. Most of the people claim that the impressive things in Bimota DB7 2011 sports bike are not just limited to its highly-impressive carbon fiber body, shape or performance, but they also include some of its special features. I am just known to a few models of Bimota series of sports bikes and I was wondering to know about the best features and information about Bimota DB7 2011 model that makes it best among all. Actually, I am planning to purchase 2011 model of similar brand, so I want to have proper idea of its special features. Any related help will be highly appreciated, thanks!

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    There are a lot of things that make 2011 model of Bimota DB7 special in different aspects. It is matchless with any other sports bike in the world, as it carriues some special features that have never been included in any other series of sports bikes. Furnished with the help of a unique pen and the hands of a prominent designer, Enrico Borghesan, the carbon fiber body has been brilliantly shaped with different team colors, such as white, red and black. These are the some of the highlights of most prominent features that make 2011 Bimota DB7 more superior than any other sports bike in the world.

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