What is say islam about sucking p***s?

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What is say islam about sucking p***s? Does islam allows the wife to suck the pennis of the husband and does it allow you to swallow

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  1. Guest27180972

     this a makroh action i m sure this is not allow and being a muslim  we should focus on

    the will of Allah not the people even hasband.

  2. Guest23136849

    Everything is allowed, exept anal. It does not state or mention in any kind of way that oral s*x is haram.....she can even swallow the sperm!!!! But, only if the guy does not have any sexual transmitted diseases like HIV, herpes etc. All the things that can harm your body is not allowed, like drugs and alcohol. s***n is not one of those things, beside I've heard that it can be good for you. s***n is primarily water, but contains trace amounts of almost every nutrient the human body uses. It has somewhat higher amounts of commonly deficient minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and selenium. One typical ejaculation contains 150 mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7% US RDA potassium and 3% US RDA copper and zinc. When metabolized, protein yields 4 kcal/g, carbohydrate also yields 4 kcal/g, and fat yields 9 kcal/g. Hence the food energy in the typical ejaculation is 0.7 kcal (2.9 kJ). --->Fom wikipedia.

    But than again it's a matter of taste and what you eat will make a huuuuge difference.



  3. Guest23130975

    Dear Muslims s

    No need to confuse in this matter, it is strictly prohibited in Islam, the true religion. It is western propaganda which is making muslims confuse in this matter. Haya is the uniqueness of Islam

  4. Guest22369354

    sucking request from men to her husband means he does not have power to f**k v****a. shame on this kind of men and should die as soon as possible those can not f**k a women from front and enjoy v****a.

  5. Guest22255365

    oral s*x is not allowed in islam


  6. Guest22228676

    these type of stupidities not allowed in islam 

  7. Guest20633063
    This is very wrongly qoute of Quran verse.. Its about honey bee not women.. Guys check translations yourself
  8. Guest20549748
    I don't kno much about the islamic if I'm too a muslim.. I think its depend on owns choice whether you want to l**k v****a or suck p***s..its all upon the choice of your soul..
  9. Guest20549748
    I don't kno much about the islamic if I'm too a muslim.. I think its depend on owns choice whether you want to l**k v****a or suck p***s..its all upon the choice of your soul..
  10. Guest20228354
    In islam u cant even see the secret parts of your body,then how islam can allow.Secondly if you think it as human being then you will hate yourself if you do it.
  11. Guest19843043
    A dog itself l**k it's private parts as well as it's partner. So far I know, nothing is mentioned about sucking p***s/v****a in Islamic books. However as human being we should not do anything that usually do dog like animals.
  12. Guest19736028
    It is totally wrong to say a wife to suck your d**k/p***s. because when a man/woman is ejeculated he/she is naapak. but his tongue is pakeeza. If wife sucks his husbands p***s her togue becomes naapak. and she can't do zikar in this condition. So, it is totally wrong and an abuse action said in islam.
  13. Guest18837622
    what is about in shia sect
  14. Guest18196893
  15. Guest17924584
    Islam says wives are your fields plough in them as you like but from front side and sucking p***s is just like sucking a finger because the p***s is not dirty material because we say prayer with this if you wash it before sucking but do not make it your habit once in a month on the other side clitori of women is your own thing so enjoy how much you can enjoy with foreplay but do not discuss these matters with anyone because these are secrets of marriage. How wife and husband enjoy we do not know God knows better
  16. Guest14460899
    it is allowed in islam but it is not liked(makrooh)but if semens come in mouth then it is prohibited(haram)
  17. Guest14322541
    what should a lady do when it is requirment of her husband and he likes it?
  18. Guest14159139
    No, It is not allowed try to avoid it
  19. Guest13862336
    this topic is invention of a new globel world. in islamic point of vew it is not permited in islam to wifes,suck a d**k like a prono movies and deep throat swellow .in islam just allowed a kissing of everry organ evevn p***s in make of love, but it does not meens suck a d**k like a prono movies
  20. Guest11628639
    what islam says about sucking p***s of her husband
  21. Guest11204993
    i hate oral s*x try to avoid these ridicolous s***s....sucking p***s is not allow
  22. Guest11085252
    with all due respect to all you guys and your answers.. islam has allowed oral s*x..i understand we read the quran...but look into the quran where it mentions about honey Ayah(16:69) "then eat of all the fruits & follow the ways of your lord submissively." There comes out from within (their bodies) a drink of various hues (honey), in it is a healing (effect) for men. Verily in this is a sign for the people of reflect." Hence it clearly states that even thou we think oral s*x is dirty because the s***n comes out..well look at honey it has been mentioned as a golden drink and look where it comes out of a bee. hope this answered your question
  23. Guest10431883
    i dont know really about it but i think its better to not do this kind of things caz we read Quran with using our mouth and its most respectfull part of ours body so think about it please ..we are muslim ..allah give hedith to every one ....
  24. Guest10404707
    what i know and what read in islamic siteonly two things prohabited one a**s and during menses
  25. Guest10369530
    i am confuse

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