What is mobitune gift?

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I just received a mobitune gift from my friend but cannot understand what it is. Can you tell me that what actually mobitune gift is?

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  1. ISP Expert
    A Mobitunes subscriber can gift Mobitune(s) to another Mobitunes subscriber(s) by taking the Gift Option. Thereafter, the recipient(s) will only be required to set the playing conditions to start using the gifted Mobitune. Additionally: Both user and recipient will receive SMS confirmation on successful delivery of the gift. Both user and recipient will receive SMS intimations on un-successful delivery of the gift, which could be due to the following reasons: 1. Gift cannot be received due to insufficient capacity in the recipient's album, 2. Maximum number of gifts has already been delivered to the recipient. Gift recipient will be notified by SMS if a Gift remains unused for 27 days, A Gift will be automatically removed after 21 days of no use.

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