What is mobilink Pakistan?

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I am new in Pakistan and read at lot of places about Mobilink but cannott understand what actually mobilink is. Can someone tells me about this.

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  1. ISP Expert
    Mobilink, a subsidiary of the Orascom Telecom Holding, is Pakistan’s leading cellular and Blackberry service provider. With more than 31.6 million subscribers, Mobilink maintains market leadership through cutting-edge, integrated technology, the strongest brands and the largest portfolio of value added services in the industry, a broadband carrier division providing next generation internet technology as well as the country’s largest voice and data network with over 8,000 cell sites. Housing Pakistan’s largest distribution and contact centre networks and an unparalleled 6,500 kilometers fiber optic backbone, Mobilink has already invested over US $3.3 billion in the country to date and provides uninterrupted countrywide connectivity, unmatched customer services and international roaming in over 140 countries. The company is also the official cellular partner of the Pakistan Cricket Board. As a responsible corporate citizen, Mobilink also offers a range of socially inclusive products and services dedicated to enhance access to information. Through Mobilink Foundation, the company supports education, health and environmental initiatives and promotes sustainable business practices.

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