What is minimally invasive heart valve surgery?

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What is minimally invasive heart valve surgery?

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  1. Ashley K

     Minimally invasive heart surgery is the same as conventional surgery but performed through smaller incisions. What’s done inside of the heart with the minimally invasive option is the same as it would be with conventional heart surgery. Typically the surgery doesn’t involve cutting the sternum. It’s been found that cutting the sternum negatively impacts people. It affects their ability to get back into their normal activities. If you can leave the sternum intact, you can help them get better sooner.

    With minimally invasive heart valve surgery, there is a five- to seven-centimeter incision made underneath the right breast, in the contour of the breast. There is also a second, approximately two-and-a-half- to three-centimeter incision in the right groin. We can do a lot of things through that combination of small incisions.

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