What is katy perry's REAL phone #?

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What is katy perry's REAL phone #?

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  1. Guest28262908

     No enless  she lives in Alberta witch she does not


  2. Guest24987550

    hi   whaats   your phone    number   please     tell  me   i     love   you   and your songs  very much

  3. Guest23994887

    what katy p phone #  oh well im going to see her in consert  this month and get the real  phone number so awesome    yeah  go  me

  4. Guest22820331

    hey who knows katy perry number


  5. Guest22400452

    hi    katy  perry  call  7243647560

  6. Muhammad Uzair
    Well dude this can not be the right number as different poeple are posting different keeping searching for a real one and u may find it ...........its totaly depends on your luck!
  7. Guest20743488
    Dude i don't know, everyone has different answers, you don't know who to trust, until the real Katy Perry tells you.
  8. -Pepsiii-
    Ninguna sabar su castizo cifra, dessgarado uno. English translation: "No one knows her real number, smart one."
  9. Guest20743692
    OMMG ! ^^^ thats NOT her number ?
  10. Guest20284112
    Katy Perry's cell number is 1-403-909-6900. I swear this is the right one. I'm texting it right now.

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