What is justin biebers e mail adress?

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What is justin biebers e mail adress?

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  1. Guest23466966

    I want you to live concert in the qatar.ilove you and ilove youer music

  2. Guest22472532

    hello im justin friend i wont say that justin is my boy friend becuase it is not real and his i mail is

  3. Guest17586775
    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE i spend about5days all about JUSTIN BIEBER i just want to say hi and talk to him and meet him and ........ so on................... so PLEASE any body know JUSTIN BIEBERS email? and it better be his REAL EMAIL PLEASE,PLEASE a thousand times:(
  4. Guest17284158
    umm shut up like he has a chance with you u ugly girl dont tlk to people like tht get lost bout your his gf hes single thanxs no more then u freak
  5. Guest17246012
    wat ever hes not g*y
  6. Guest17137149
    ITS YALL.GET.A.LIFE.@JUSTINBIEBERSGF.COM Hes my boyfreend so dont be tryin to do anythin bout it ya hear u maggets so hands of HE'S MINE MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! aaaaaah so kiss my @$$ and buzz of bleh oh yea p.s. it's me fred and i luv justin bbieber cause im g*y yayay oh and i wanna hump u babee uuuh that feels good uhuhuhuh yes oh im coming ahaaaaaaaah. double mental so wen i see u babeee im gonna grab ur @#$% stroke it first then l**k it till its wet hahahahaahahh yayy im waitin for u

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