What is a Mexican silver coin 8R.Z.1882.J.S.10D.20G

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What is a Mexican silver coin 8R.Z.1882.J.S.10D.20G

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  1. Guest21414498
    10.00 us dollars

  2. hidden eye
    Please tell me how much of this.I just want to confirm first
  3. Guest17463481
    hello how much does a mexican silver coin is worth
  4. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, the 8R refers to 8 Reales while the Z or M would be the mintmark. If you start by listing them by Denomination, Date and Mintmark letters I may be able to give you a range of value estimates. You might also try a library for a copy of the Standard Catalog of World Coins for pictures, values and lots more interesting info. Collector value of a coin depends on date, denomination, mint mark (if any), number minted and condition of a coin, including amount of wear, any dents, scratches or cleaning as well as collector demand for it.

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