What is Qantas Postcards?

by Guest22796909  |  9 years ago

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I read about the Qantas Postcards but do not know what they are about. Is there anyone who knows about the Qantas postcards?

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  1. mae mole

    Qantas, just like other online printing companies like Printrunner and UPrinting offer a design tool that lets you creat your own postcard design online. This design  tool just makes online postcard printing even better and easier for the customer.


  2. Airlines Expert
    Qantas Postcards lets you create real postcards using your own images or using images from an image library. Qantas print your postcards, using high quality printers, pop them into the mail and deliver them by post. Your postcards arrive home before you do, typically within 24 to 72 hours after making your purchase. Sending a postcard will cost Australian dollars $3.30 (inclusive of GST) and you can pay using Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. Qantas Postcards is operated by ScribblePics.

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