What is NAB Visa payWave?

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I heard about National Australia Bank visa paywave service but cannot found out that what actually this service is all about. Can someone tell me that What is National Australia Bank Visa payWave?

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    NAB Visa payWave is a new contactless payment capability currently available on selected NAB Visa cards. NAB Visa payWave lets you pay for purchases under $100 without swiping or inserting your card, signing your name, or even entering your PIN. Simply hold your card in front of the contactless reader and in a matter of seconds your transaction is complete. You can still use NAB Visa payWave for larger purchases of $100 or more, but you will need to sign or enter your pin. You can use your NAB Visa payWave credit card at any merchant displaying the contactless indicator (shown below) on their contactless reader.

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