What is Linq ?

by Umair Tahir  |  12 years ago

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I Think its a new way of accessing Databases in your programming

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  1. awaisj
    Microsoft LINQ defines a set of query operators that can be used to query, project and filter data in arrays, enumerable classes, XML, relational database, and third party data sources. While it allows any data source to be queried, it requires that the data be encapsulated as objects. So, if the data source does not natively store data as objects, the data must be mapped to the object domain. Queries written using the query operators are executed either by the LINQ query processing engine or, via an extension mechanism, handed over to LINQ providers which either implement a separate query processing engine or translate to a different format to be executed on a separate data store (such as on a database server as SQL queries). The results of a query are returned as a collection of in-memory objects that can be enumerated using a standard iterator function such as C#'s foreach. []

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